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2012 Kentucky Derby: Hansen's Confident Owner Announces Microsoft Windows Phone Sponsorship

With the 2012 Kentucky Derby just two days away, Dr. Kendall Hansen (a co-owner of Hansen) announced that his horse will be sponsored by Microsoft Windows Phone on Saturday (via Blood Horse). The logo for the phone will be displayed on the pants of jockey Ramon Dominguez.

Dr. Hansen said about the sponsorship:

"I felt I had a winner with Hansen from the first, and having Windows Phone sponsor him for this race is the perfect cap to this perfect run. I think fans will be excited to see Windows Phone associated with the horse."

Hansen currently has 10/1 odds and will start out of the 14th gate. Hansen took the Gotham Stakes at Aqueduct back in March. Dr. Hansen certainly feels his horse is the favorite:

"We're going to win this race. We're not worried about anyone," he said.

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