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Kentucky Derby Horse Names That Sound Like Someone's... Manhood

If you ever heard comedian/radio host/TV personality/podcaster Adam Carolla rant about the Kentucky Derby, he always points out that half of the horses' names sound like something a guy might refer to his manhood as. So every year I've been testing out his theory and have found it to be pretty much true...

So after the jump we'll go through this years field to see how many qualifying names we've got.

1. Daddy Long Legs - I would say there's no question about this one. Maybe take off the "s?"
2. Optimizer - Not ideal, but I think it works.
3. Take Charge Indy
4. Union Rags
5. Dullahan
6. Bodemeister - Arguably the best example this year if it weren't for the next one.
7. Rousing Sermon - Oh hell yes.
8. Creative Cause
9. Trinniberg
10. Daddy Knows Best - Did I say Rousing Sermon was the best example this year? I might have been wrong.
11. Alpha - Simple, yet effective.
12. Perspective
13. Went The Day Well
14. Hansen
15. Gemologist
16. El Padrino - Ok, I take back what I said about Daddy Knows Best being the best. El Padrino is clearly perfect.
17. Done Talking - Yes.
18. Sabercat - Little weird, but again I say yes.
19. I'll Have Another - Oh yes.
20. Liaison

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