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2012 USA Sevens Rubgy: Temple Vs. Penn State Recap

Penn State smashed Temple in the two teams' Rugby match-up.

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The Penn State Nittany Lions and Temple Owls faced off Saturday afternoon, in a match-up between two of the 16 tams participating in the 2012 USA Sevens Rugby Collegiate Championships.

Penn State had their way with the Owls, winning by a final score of 36 to seven.

The Nittany Lions began the day dropping a close match to Life University, 19-17. Then they dropped another close one to the Wisconsin, losing 19-15. So, by the time they met Temple, in their third and final game of the day, they were ready to take their frustrations out, and did so, winning by 29 points.

The Owls also appeared in three games today. They finished in a 12-12 tie with the Wisconsin Badgers in their first match. They were smoked, 33-7, by Life University, before finally losing to Penn State to cap the day.

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