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Philadelphia Union Still Haven't Paid 2010 Back Taxes

The Philadelphia Union have not paid their 2010 taxes to the city of Chester according to a report from William Bender of


Instead of paying property taxes, the Union and the city agreed to a $500,000 fee instead. However, the team have not paid their 2010 tax bill and failed to pay their 2012 bill last month. According to a source close to Bender, unforseen construction costs and delays are the main reason why the Union have failed to pay their 2010 bill.


Chester mayor John Linder has proposed a 20 percent parking tax and a 10 percent amusment tax aimed at at the Union and PPL Park, but Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz has publicly come out against those plans, stating the Union would lose around $2 million a year if the taxes were enacted.


It does look like an agreement is coming however. The Union and city leaders have been in closed door meeting over the back taxes, and according to Linder, they are "fast approaching some kind of agreement."