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Cole Hamels Trade Rumors: Phillies Pitcher On Future 'You Don't Ever Leave When Things Are Good'

Philadelphia Phillies All-Star pitcher Cole Hamels sat down for an interview with CSN Philly and talked about the MLB trade deadline and his thoughts about wanting to remain with the organization after this season (via CSN Philly).

Hamels said that if he were to be traded this season, there is a chance he could return to the Phillies next season.

"I can always leave and come back. When a team gets rid of you, I don't think anybody looks at it as a slap in the face. I know Cliff didn't. He pretty much showed the prime example of getting traded off before a [full] season and then coming back. I think that's always a great possibility.

It's an organization and I understand the business side and I won't be offended. I think you need to know your players and because I think I've been here long enough, I think [the front office] pretty much understands my personality and they know that if something had to arise, I wouldn't be offended and I still would give them the benefit of the doubt and come back, because this is one of the best organizations I've ever seen. It has the best fan base I've ever seen. It's a great place to play baseball and there are a ton of great guys to play baseball with."

Hamels does feel that he could have a deal in place with the Phillies before the July 31 deadline. Hamels did admit that the Dodgers have an appeal for him because he is from the west coast (he grew up in San Diego). However, if all things were equal monetarily, would Hamels still pick Philadelphia?

Hamels said, "We obviously live here, so I think that makes it a lot easier with kids and once they start getting into school, the choices you have to make there... I don't think you can beat this organization just in the way they treat their players and families. It's outstanding. So, ultimately that's probably the highest positive you could ever have is what your value is to a team... what you know versus the unknown. And when things are good, you don't ever leave when things are good."

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