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Report: Andrew Bynum "Beyond Thrilled" About Situation In Philadelphia

Philadelphia was excited to swap Andre Iguodala for Andrew Bynum in the four-team trade that sent Dwight Howard to the Lakers. The Sixers can rest assured that the feeling is at least somewhat mutual:

Sources close to Andrew Bynum say he is beyond thrilled about the situation in Philadelphia. He’ll get the chance to be his own star, be the focal point of the team and remain in the discussion as an All-Star starter.

The question for the Sixers' front office was whether it was worth it trading for Bynum, who only has a year left on his contract. But it appears Bynum is "almost assured" to stick with the Sixers after the season's end: in part because its a favorable situation for a young talent such as Bynum, and in part because Philadelphia can offer him more money than any other team.

Bynum had a reputation for being a somewhat pouty and dissatisfied with the situation in Los Angeles as a younger player, but this report makes it seem as if that attitude is a thing of the past for the new focal point of Philly's basketball team, which is certainly a good thing.

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