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Andrew Bynum Press Conference Today At Constitution Center

The Sixers are pulling out all the stops as they welcome Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia. There won't be a simple press conference at the arena as usual. They've moved this one to Old City at the National Constitution Center, which has previously played host to dignitaries such as Barack Obama, Bono, Bill Clinton & George H.W. Bush.

In a few weeks, the Constitution Center will even host Muhammad Ali as he receives the Liberty Medal. But today, the honoree is clearly Bynum.

The Sixers have a lot of motivation to make this as big a deal as possible. For one, Bynum is their first legit superstar since Allen Iverson and could bring the franchise back to their heights of success and popularity it enjoyed during AI's days. But also, Bynum will be a free agent after this summer and the Sixers will be hoping to woo the 24 year old enough to make sure he resigns. The fact that Philly will be able to pay him more money than anyone else will likely be what locks that up, but making the player feel special certainly won't hurt either.

The presser is open to the public if you get down there now, but it will also be streamed live on at noon.

For a full recap of the press conference, check our Andrew Bynum stream at SBNation Philly.