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Michael Vick Looks To Spark Eagles Offense Vs Patriots Monday Night

The Philadelphia Eagles managed to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 24-23, in their preseason opener last Thursday night. The first stringers struggled mightily, however. Michael Vick left during the first series with a hand injury, and the offense was shut out as Philadelphia took a 13-0 deficit into halftime. Vick told the media Friday that offense's primary objective Monday night against the New England Patriots is to light up the scoreboard early.

"Honestly, we want to go out there and score points," Vick said. "We want to be as precise as we can be with getting in and out of the huddle, the tempo, and just get a feel for where we're at most importantly. I think it's a good test playing against a good defense. They played in the Super Bowl last year, so we'll have an opportunity to see where we stand."

Even if Vick hadn't suffered an injury, he would not have lasted much longer in the preseason opener. He will see extended snaps against the Pats, however, giving the offense a chance to find a rhythm before Nick Foles and the second team enter the game. The reps will be critical, and a nice change of pace coming off a shortened 2011 offseason due to the NFL lockout.

"This is a great game to go out and gauge our performance, and see where we're at," Vick said. "I think we have to take it one game at a time. Our next game is against the Patriots. I think we just need to go out and put on the best performance that we can and do the things that we have been coached to do and we know how to do, and do it with confidence."

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