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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp News: Running Back Chris Polk Could Get Look At Fullback

With the Eagles already sporting a pretty crowded backfield, rookie running back Chris Polk was looking like he could be the odd man out. Now, though, there's talk of a position change to fullback in order to keep him on the roster:

"Certainly that's been discussed and thought of," said Mornhinweg. "He is a physical player, isn't he? I think Chris Polk is an excellent football player. I think he is an excellent ball carrier, I think he could be an excellent blocker as well."

As Bleeding Green Nation points out, the Eagles are plenty stacked at running back with LeSean McCoy, Dion Lewis and Bryce Brown. So if Philadelphia is really this high on Polk, it makes sense to try to find a spot for him. A good blocking fullback could be quite an asset for McCoy and Lewis, in particular.

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