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Philadelphia Flyers Have The Best Uniforms In American Sport According To...

The NFL is the most popular thing in America. More popular than guns, more popular than McDonald's; you name it. As every hockey fan knows, football has a long offseason, which is usually filled with sports radio and television attempting to cram football content into everything when there isn't really anything to talk about. So it's a bit of a surprise when the NFL itself goes looking for things to talk about ... and winds up talking about hockey. recently ranked the very best uniforms in American sports and gave the top spot to our very own Philadelphia Flyers. Here's what the NFL has to say about their selection of the Flyers as the best-dressed sports team in America:

In the name of full disclosure, I am not a Flyers fan -- matter of fact, they're my least favorite team in sports -- but dang if those orange and black getups don't sing like Kate Smith in the Spectrum before a playoff game. They're paradoxically straight out of the 1970s and timeless all at once. Kudos, you dirty creeps. Might this be the only thing you win for another century.

Well, Flyers fans are used to backhanded compliments at this point, but we'll take it! Thanks,!

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