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Eagles Vs. Patriots: Nick Foles Staying Humble After 2nd Impressive Showing

Nick Foles made his preseason debut 2 weeks against Pittsburgh and was impressive going 6-10 for 144 yds and 2 TDs. His encore performance last night was even better.

The rookie from Arizona was 18-28 for 217 yds and another pair of TDs in just about 2.5 quarters of work. He had John Gruden signing his praises all night and will likely hear half the callers to Philadelphia sports radio this morning calling him to be the team's starter. Despite the accolades though, Foles says his focus has not changed.

"It's like it always is," he said. "Tomorrow I will go to work, go into the office, get a workout in and study the film, keep working and keep learning. This will be great film to learn from. There's things I can do better. There's a lot of things I can do better. Tomorrow will be a big day to learn. My mindset is to go out and be ready for anything."

Andy Reid credited Foles' comfort level last night to the increased complexity and work QBs are getting in college these days.

"First of all, he threw the ball a little bit in college and college is a little bit more sophisticated than when Donovan (McNabb) came out. I think they are seeing more, particularly from the defenses. They are more aware of the blitz game. So, I think he was better prepared coming in, and then he is a smart kid on top of that - very hard worker, very diligent."

When asked whether Foles could rise to the backup QB job as a result of his performances, Reid wouldn't commit to it, but did say that he will evaluate the position.