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Philadelphia Eagles 2012: Is It Time to Panic?

@FakeWIPCaller's breathy look at the 2012 Eagles

Eagles rookie superstar Nick Foles
Eagles rookie superstar Nick Foles

I am concerned about the Eagles.

Very, very concerned.

Two games into the pre-season, they are clearly a team in disarray. Now sure, they won their second pre-season game, defeating the Patriots 27-17 on Monday night.

But please.

We all know preseason games don't matter.

What we've seen so far is that this team, plagued with a tall, awkward offensive line, has no hope of protecting Michael Vick, who was knocked out of the game after just six plays.

X-rays were negative, but I think we all know the Eagles are usually lying. I'll be shocked if we see Vick again before October.

Just like last year, when the Eagles were just 4-8 when it mattered, the team only went ahead Monday after both teams had long-since pulled their regulars- and Patriots stars Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker didn't even play.

Not good enough.

At all.

It got so bad that the Eagles' biggest shill, Dave Sparado, tweeted during the game about the "extremely disappointing performance in second preseason game in every phase, in every way."

DeMeco Ryans looks awful and Jaiquawn Jarrett even worse.

Demetress Bell is shaping up as the Eagles' worst free agent signing in years, looking just as awkward as he does tall.

There were stupid penalties all over the place, especially on defense.

And most of all, they look soft.

Andy Reid even went off on Cullen Jenkins on the sideline, which raises all sorts of questions about why Donovan McNabb never got similar treatment.

The only bright spot has been that rookie quarterback Nick Foles has played so well that some fans want him to be the starter. But with all the turmoil of recent months, do we really need something else to divide us all? Instead, the Eagles should offer Foles around the league for a first-round pick or two.

Sure, the Eagles finally got rid of that breathy-named ingrate Asante Samuel, and Vince Young isn't around anymore to ruin the season with stupid comments in training camp.

But none of that matters.

I'm feeling a 6-10 season.


Other Philly sports takes:

- I can't believe the Phillies lost on Hunter Pence Bobblehead Night.

- Villanova assistant basketball coach Doug Martin resigned earlier this month after admitting that he committed resume fraud. Being a fraud means you can't coach in Philly? Since when?

- Calling up Philippe Aumont is a slap in the face to Cliff Lee. It's like they're telling him, "we're glad we traded you."

- And in happier news: Donovan McNabb, still not on an NFL roster.