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Cullen Jenkins Regrets Sideline Incident With Andy Reid

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins says he regrets his sideline incident with Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

Jenkins and Reid came together in a heated sideline confrontation during the Eagles' preseason win over the New England Patriots on Monday night. Both are usually mild-mannered individuals and Reid appeared to be madder than anyone had ever seen him when the incident occurred.

Jenkins had jokes for the reporters asking him about the incident. When Jenkins struck a serious tone, he said about Reid:

"No, he was just trying to control things on the side. He was just trying to make sure everything was going the right way," Jenkins continued. "I was getting a little emotional earlier, and he was just trying to control things."

Neither Jenkins nor Reid would go into details about what triggered the incident but both are focused on preparing for the Eagles next preseason game against the Cleveland Browns on Friday.

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