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Doug Collins Wants Spencer Hawes In 'Pau Gasol Role'

The new Philadelphia 76ers big-men tandem of Spencer Hawes and Andrew Bynum is expected to be one of the best in the NBA in 2012-13. And if coach Doug Collins had it his way, the two would be just like a duo Bynum is familiar with.

"I want (Hawes) to play the Pau Gasol role with Bynum," Collins said. "Both (Hawes and Gasol) like to play out on the perimeter because they can shoot the ball and are very good passers."

That's what Collins told writer Max Rapport, who wrote an piece about Hawes' expectations for the upcoming season.

In the conclusion, Rapport said if Hawes is healthy for a full year and he works as well as Gasol did alongside Bynum, this could be a breakout year for the 23-year-old forward.

The full piece can be read here.

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