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Madden 13 Predicts Eagles Vs Patriots Super Bowl

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Madden 13 was released today and G4 decided to test its soothsaying skills by simulating a full season to see who wins the various player awards and the Super Bowl. They say Madden has been 75% accurate in picking Super Bowl participants in their previous tests.

Eagles fans should hope that number holds. After a full season simulation, Madden 13 predicted an Eagles vs Patriots Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the Eagles lose 15-14...

Madden has the birds going 10-6, winning the NFC East and taking the 4th seed in the conference. The Eagles went through the Packers, Bears & 49ers in the NFC playoffs. The Giants and Cowboys both miss the playoffs according to Madden.

Tom Brady wins MVP, Calvin Johnson takes offensive player of the year and DeMarcus Ware takes the defensive honors. Andrew Luck win offensive rookie of the year, Courtney Upshaw grabbing defensive rookie of the year. Romeo Crennel was named coach of the year. Check out the video of the full season simulation after the jump.