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Andy Reid Addresses His Son's Death, Feels "Humbled"

Andy Reid walked up to the microphone on Wednesday morning and talked not as the Philadelphia Eagles head coach, but as a grieving father who happens to be involved in football.

His opening statement was direct and without misstep, talking about the love he's felt from everyone around him as he's been dealt the unspeakable tragedy of his son Garrett, 29, passing away.

"I’m a humble man standing before you, very humble man, said Reid. I’m humbled because of the outpouring, not just the media but also the team and the fans."

Reid continued to talk about the support his family has been surrounded with in recent times.

The outreach to my family, the love for Garrett was phenomenal…it was beautiful."

When asked how Reid knew it was time to come back to the team, the coach said it was an internal feeling.

"My heart...I know that coming back and coaching is the right thing to do, I know my son wouldn’t want it any other way."

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