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NFL Power Rankings Week 1: 49ers Put NFC On Notice

The 49ers victory over the Packers on opening weekend was the mot impressive win of the weekend and lands San Francisco on top of our week 1 power rankings


Week 1 of the NFL season, which actually started last Wednesday, is finally in the books. That means its time for our first power rankings of the year. The surprise for me in week 1 was the performance of many of the favorites in the NFC. We saw the Giants, Saints & Packers all lose at home. We saw the Eagles & Lions struggle against inferior competition.

The Bears and Falcons both scored big wins, but did so against less than impressive competition. When the dust settled in the NFC, it was Dallas and San Francisco that were left with the signature wins. Let's see how that helped them in our week 1 NFL power rankings.

1) 49ers - Hands down the most impressive win of week 1. The Niners have to be considered the early favorites in the NFC.

2) Ravens - Dominated the Bengals in Baltimore thanks to great defense and really good QB play. If they have the combo the rest of the season, this is the best team in the AFC.

3) Patriots - Scored a very methodical win down in Tennessee. The matchup with the Ravens in Baltimore 2 weeks from now could be an AFC title game preview.

4) Texans - Matt Schaub gets paid and delivers a blowout win over the Dolphins at home.

5) Broncos - You could see Manning get more and more comfortable as the game wore on. If the Peyton of old isn't back yet, he's very close.

6) Falcons - Put on a great performance in week one, but lost a big piece in CB Brent Grimes, who is done for the season.

7) Packers - San Fran could very well be the team that the Pack have to go through to win the NFC and they looked like they had no answers for them.

8) Bears - Big win at home against last season's worst team. We'll learn a whole lot more about the Bears next week in Green Bay.

9) Cowboys - If the 49ers had the best win of the weekend, Dallas probably had the second best. Beating the champs in their house on the night they got their rings? That's impressive.

10) Giants - This is the same Giants team from last year, which is a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

11) Steelers - When is the last time we've see Ben Roethlisberger not only fail to lead a 4th quarter drive, but throw a pick 6 on it?

12) Eagles - Escaped Cleveland with a win, but the Eagles can't spot the Ravens 5 turnovers and hope to see the same result next week.

13) Lions - Very similar game to the Eagles. Turned the ball over too much and let a bad team hang around. Difference was Detroit did it at home.

14) Jets - They might be higher if it weren't for the low expectations coming into this season. However, if they beat Pittsburgh next week, those expectations will be forgotten and the Jets could find themselves in the top 10.

15) Saints - Over the past month or so, I think many of us have discounted the effect of the bounty scandal and the suspension on the Saints and assumed their talent would win out... But that sure looked like a team in disarray Sunday.

16) Redskins - Regardless of the situation facing the Saints, that was a great win for the Skins. They can build some momentum next week in St Louis.

17) Chargers - No one has been plagued by more disastrous special teams play early in a season than the Chargers, but the Raiders might be giving them a run for their money

18) Bengals - A very poor effort in Baltimore and the same questions about whether they can beat a good team remain.

19) Titans - All of those Chris Johnson fantasy owners hoping last year was an aberration... Things are not looking good.

20) Buccaneers - The Bucs may have had the best rookie debuts of the week with Doug Martin & Mark Barron both putting in solid efforts.

21) Raiders - Doubt the importance of the long snapper in the NFL? Watch the Raiders vs Chargers. Oakland lost their snapper and proceeded to both 3 punts.

22) Seahawks - The more I see and hear Pete Carroll, the more I get the feeling that he's just making this all up as he goes.

23) Panthers - Is a sophomore slump underway for Cam Newton? Threw 2 picks & wasn't a threat with his legs.

24) Cardinals - Has Kevin Kolb done what Michael Vick did to him and stolen the starting job 2 quarters into a season?

25) Vikings - Adrian Peterson looks healthy. Christian Ponder was good. They struggled way too much at home against a bad Jags team, but they might be laying some groundwork.

26) Chiefs - Gave up 40 at home and now head on the road for two straight weeks... KC could really be behind the 8 ball.

27) Bills - To say that the opener was a total disaster would be an understatement. If getting blowout by a division rival wasn't bad enough, they lose WR David Nelson for the season and RB Fred Jackson for up to a month.

28) Rams - Despite the loss, the Rams played the Lions well on the road. Interesting little "see who's for real" matchup with the Redskins next week.

29) Jaguars - A relatively encouraging start for Blaine Gabbert. But as arguably the worst QB in the NFL last year, there was nowhere to go but up.

30) Browns - This begins the disastrous rookie QB debuts section of our power ranks. Brandon Weeden threw 4 picks and finished with a QB rating of 5.1

31) Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill was a bit better only throwing 3 picks with a lofty 39 QB rating.

32) Colts - And finally Andrew Luck turned the ball over 4 times, but hey... he also managed to throw a TD. So best of the worst?