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Penn State Vs Navy 2012: Bill O'Brien Admires Midshipmen Mentality

As an Independent school, Navy, has not had an incredibly successful football program as of late.

But despite their struggles, they no doubt have the respect and attention of Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien.

Taking time out of his preparation for the Nittany Lions' game on Saturday against the Midshipmen, O'Brien spoke to the media about his thoughts on the culture of the Naval Academy:

I just think the Naval Academy is the type of place that really doesn't care who they're going to play. That's the mentality of the Naval Academy coaches and players. They're going to play as many good opponents as they can, and obviously they have a very unique and tough scheme on offense.

They have a unique scheme on defense, and they've got a bunch of kids that play extremely hard. You're going to have to fight tooth and nail to win the football game.

At 0-2 on the season, O'Brien is correct. Nothing should be taken for granted as Penn State takes the field on Saturday afternoon.

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