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NFL Power Rankings Week 3: NFC Teams Dominate The Top

Week 2 of the NFL season is in the books and what do we know? Well, the Cardinals are undefeated and Saints are winless. C.J. Spiller and Reggie Bush are the league's leading rushers. The Eagles have 9 turnovers and 2 wins. Oh and Jake Locker has rushed for more yards than Chris Johnson (on 15 fewer carries).

So yeah, things are not quite going as planned. Here's our week 3 NFL power ranks.

1) 49ers - They just keep rolling with an easy looking win over Detroit. (LW 1)

2) Falcons - It's rare to see Peyton Manning confused, but the Falcons defense did that for much of the game last night. (LW 6)

3) Texans - What the the Texans need is a win over someone that matters. They'll have that chance at Mile High next week. (LW 4)

4) Eagles - There's been a lot of talk about the turnovers the Eagles have committed, but what about the amount they've forced? It's 6 in 2 games. (LW 12)

5) Packers - Very tricky matchup coming here in Seattle. Could tell us a lot about this team. (LW 7)

6) Ravens - Everyone wrote the story last week that Joe Flacco turned a corner and the Ravens were Super Bowl favorites. Joe might have turned back Sunday. (LW 2)

7) Giants - Scored a ridiculous 25 points in the 4th quarter. But that covers up surrendering 35 to the Bucs at home. (LW 10)

8) Steelers - No Troy Polamalu, no problem for the Steeler D. (LW 11)

9) Broncos - Last week we all said "the old Peyton Manning is back!" He's not. Not yet. (LW 5)

10) Patriots - Easily the most stunning loss of the year so far. They outgained Arizona, got more turnovers, 9 more first downs, won the time of possession battle... Still lost. (LW 3)

11) Chargers - 2-0 is a great start for the traditionally slow starting Chargers, but haven't really played anyone yet. (LW 17)

12) Lions - It's not terrible to lose to the 49ers on the road, but it does tell me the Lions aren't among the real contenders in the NFC. (LW 13)

13) Cardinals - If you looked at every stat aside from the final score, you'd never know how the Cardinals won that game. They can't stay undefeated for long. (LW 24)

14) Bears - They really got full of themselves after a week 1 win over the worst team from 2011. The Pack smacked them back down to reality. (LW 8)

15) Cowboys - Like the Bears, did they maybe read their press clippings a bit much after week 1? (LW 9)

16) Seahawks - Looked terrible in week 1, but looked really good in week 2. Still hard to read this squad. (LW 22)

17) Buccaneers - Let's be honest, if the Bucs forced a fumble on that kneel down play, everyone would be calling Greg Schiano a genius right now. (LW 20)

18) Panthers - Cam Newton bounced back in a big way. Question is, is a win over the Saints that impressive anymore? (LW 23)

19) Redskins - The story here was losing Brian Orapko & Adam Carriker for the season. They needed those guys in a division with 3 Pro Bowl QBs. (LW 16)

20) Jets - That was more like the Jets we were expecting to see. (LW 14)

21) Bengals - Defense has surrendered 71 points in 2 games. (LW 18)

22) Saints - This is just a bad defense. Literally bottom of the league. (LW 15)

23) Bills - Suddenly CJ Spiller is making fantasy owners who drafted him look like geniuses. Making the Bills look pretty smart too. Finally. (LW 27)

24) Rams - Despite the loss, the Rams played the Lions well on the road. Interesting little "see who's for real" matchup with the Redskins next week. (LW 28)

25) Browns - A 180 degree turnaround for the Browns offense led by rookies Brandon Weeden & Trent Richardson. Problem is the defense regressed. (LW 30)

26) Dolphins - Reggie Bush is currently 2nd in the NFL in rushing. (LW 31)

27) Raiders - They were destroyed by Miami, but the trends will tell you that west coast teams traveling to the east coast for an early game after playing on Monday night is a rough spot... and it really was for the Raiders. (LW 21)

28) Colts - Andrew Luck's line? 20-31, 224 yds, 2 TDs. So I guess just the one week of rookie growing pains and he's ready to go? (LW 32)

29) Vikings - Defense has given up 23 points in each of their first 2 games. So offense... the job is clear! (LW 25)

30) Titans - Chris Johnson thinks the rest of the Titans offense needs to do its job. He has 19 yards rushing this season. (LW 19)

31) Chiefs - Giving up 37.5 points per game, tied for worst in the league. (LW 26)

32) Jaguars - Gaining just 236 yards per game... ladies and gentleman, the worst offense in the NFL. (LW 29)