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Philadelphia 76ers Hire Tony DiLeo As General Manager, According To Report

The Philadelphia 76ers stayed inside their organization for their new GM, promoting Tony DiLeo to replace the role vacated by Rod Thorn, reports CBS' Ken Berger.

DiLeo has been with the 76ers in some capacity since 1990-91, including a spell as the team's interim head coach following the firing of Maurice Cheeks in 2008, mostly behind the scenes in the team's basketball operations department. DiLeo was involved in the four-way trade that essentially brought Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia for Andre Iguodala.

Berger also reports that while Thorn will remain the team's president for the time being, DiLeo will eventually take over that position. Thorn had operated as the team's president and general manager for the 2011-2012 season after the resignation of Ed Stefanski from the general manager position. Stefanski had also been the president and general manager for a time, and it appears DiLeo will also hold both titles sometime down the road.

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