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Sixers See Tickets Sales Skyrocket After Andrew Bynum Trade

The Philadelphia 76ers have seen a dramatic increase in ticket sales since acquiring center Andrew Bynum in early Aug. as part of the blockbuster four-team trade centered around superstar Dwight Howard.

With the team coming off a year where they had the highest attendance spike of any team in the NBA, the Sixers are reporting they have nearly doubled their season ticket sales (in addition to retaining 92% of previous holders) and have quadrupled sales of 10-game ticket plans.

Not to mention that the club has embarked on an aggressive campaign to increase sales of the 10-game plans.


In an effort to sell more 10-game plans this offseason, the team recently sent out a postcard that includes a personalized website and picture of a Sixers shoe with that person's last name on it. The team sent it to more than 40,000 people who the team believes have been to a game in the past two years.

"Normal direct mail response is 2 percent," Aron said. "Our response so far is about 10 percent."

After a fan responds in any way, an instant message is sent to someone working in the Sixers ticket office so that the organization can follow-up immediately.

Upon buying the franchise in July of 2010, the ownership group headed by Adam Arron and Josh Harris stated that they wanted to restore the Sixers brand. With the attention they have paid to improving the on-court product and the care they take in public relations, the group is quickly accomplishing that goal.