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Super Bowl 2013 commercials: Kate Upton 'helps' wash a new Mercedes-Benz

Beautiful women are common in advertising, and the Super Bowl is no different. One of the planet's most well-known supermodels brought some of her talents to Mercedes' latest promo.


Super Bowl advertisers have long used attractive women to help promote their products in much-anticipated Super Bowl commercials. From "Doritos girl" to every single GoDaddy ad ever, women in slightly revealing clothing have been commonplace alongside talking babies, talking frogs, talking lizards, and many other talking things.

This year's "hot girl" ad comes from one of the auto industry's luxury leaders. Mercedes is thought of as a high-end brand, so it's no surprise that they went with one of the more popular supermodels around to advertise the newest Mercedes-Benz.

The ad doesn't try to hide its sexuality, with slow-motion toe-to-head panning of Upton wearing cut-offs and a low-cut black tanktop. Upton is then seen holding a handful of soap suds for no apparent reason, as it is clear she has no intention of helping the group of young football players who are washing the Mercedes.

The boys, who give the commercial some sort of tie to the Super Bowl, are sitting in awe (what teenage boys wouldn't be?) at Upton. She approaches, seeming finally ready to help with the cleaning. Instead, she offers up some direction for the young men, who have missed a spot (they've missed several spots).