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2013 Super Bowl commercials: Budweiser Clydesdale ad isn't the cutest, doesn't make us cry or anything

I'm a man, and this Budweiser ad is a sex-filled laughfest that reminds me of my everyday life. It does not feature an adorable little baby horse or make me cry.

Kevin C. Cox

Beer ads have a tendency to appeal to our lowest, basest urges.

It's disgusting. Not only guys drink beer, and not all guys are cretinous lechers who live for nothing more than sex, booze, and sports. Sure, I am a cretinous lecher who lives for nothing more than sex, booze, and sports.

Actually, that's reason I'm so mad about these ads: it personally offends me that beer ads paint this broad picture of all men as being a certain way when I'm completely confident that I'm in the top five percent worldwide of sex-havers, booze-drinkers, and sports-watchers. The rest of the world needs to get on my level, and these ads are sullying my greatness.

That's why I'm angry about pandering BS like this Budweiser ad, featuri-wait

oh my

oh my that's just the cutest and

and they're playing fleetwood mac i knew that off the top of my head i didn't have to shazam it

i mean


it starts out as a cute little baby horsey and then it grows up and he becomes friends with the guy and oh my god


stop. stop. everybody go away.