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NIT 2013 selection show: TV schedule, start time, streaming and more

The NIT Tournament field will be revealed on Sunday following the bracket show for the NCAA Tournament.

Mike Stobe

After the dust has settled on the bubble carnage following inclusion (or exclusion) into the NCAA Tournament, the NIT Tournament will reveal its invitations as the consolation prize to March Madness.

The NIT Selection Committee has been working over the weekend to determine who will be invited to the 32-team tournament. Any regular-season champion of a Division I conference that doesn't make the NCAA Tournament secures an automatic qualifying bid into the NIT. After that, the committee selects the best remaining available teams to place into one of four different eight-team regions.

Although it isn't as prestigious as a bid into March Madness, the NIT still allows fans of college teams to see their team play just a few more times. The first three rounds are hosted on campuses of the teams in the tournament, with the higher seeds usually getting priority. The semifinals and championship game will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Time: 9 p.m. ET

TV coverage: ESPNU

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