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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Eagles select Sheldon Richardson

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Philadelphia has a bevy of holes, and drafting Richardson fills a big one on the defensive line.


The Philadelphia Eagles have made some swift changes this offseason, changing head coaches and then moving some pieces around on the field.

One of those decisions was to release defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, leaving a big hole in the middle. Now, SB Nation has defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson headed to the Philadelphia Eagles in our latest mock draft.

Richardson has been moving steadily up the draft board in the last two months, making himself a top five pick in many eyes. Philadelphia plays a 4-3 defense, making the fit for Richardson a strong possibility.

At 6'2' and 295 pounds, Richardson could really anchor down the interior of the line, opening up some lanes for pass rushers such as Trent Cole to find the quarterback all while stuffing runs up the gut.

One player to keep an eye on is defensive end Dion Jordan, the former Oregon Ducks star. Of course, Chip Kelly is the new head coach of the Eagles and old coach at Oregon, so the connection is obvious.

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