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First time, long time

Why The Philadelphia Eagles Must Start Nick Foles

@FakeWIPCaller on why the Eagles must start the people's choice, Nick Foles

Philadelphia Eagles 2012: Is It Time to Panic?

@FakeWIPCaller's breathy look at the 2012 Eagles

The Philadelphia Phillies: Suicide of a Superpower

@FakeWIPCaller analyzes the Phillies' trade deadline moves

How to Fix the Phillies: Fire Everyone

@FakeWIPCaller's simple plan for fixing the Phillies

The War Within the Eagles

@FakeWIPcaller on why the Eagles' power struggle has only just begun

Why Can't Cliff Lee Win?

@FakeWIPCaller on why Cliff Lee is showing he's not the winner we thought he was

Ruben Amaro is Worse Than Nixon

@FakeWIPCaller rises up against the Phillies' lies

We'll Boo When We Want to Boo

The national media is all over Philadelphia fans for cheering the injury to Joakim Noah- and @FakeWIPCaller is sick of if

Brian Dawkins Retirement and the Eagles' Continuing Shame

@fakewipcaller and The Dawkins Retirement and the Eagles' Continuing Shame

Yes, It's Time to Panic About the Phillies

@FakeWIPCaller on why it's not too soon to worry about the Phils, and no Flyers sweep would be complete without knocking out Sid the Kid