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Geoff was a victim of sports neglect as a child so he had discover his love for the Flyers and Phillies on the streets. He has been writing for Broad Street Hockey since 2009 and is not afraid to admit his crush on Brian Boucher or former President James K Polk. Geoff is currently a student at Drexel Law and plans on making a career suing Ranger fans for just, ya know... being Ranger fans.

Flyers vs Devils: Despite "Never Again", Ilya Bryzgalov Has Been Just As Bad

Ilya Bryzgalov was the man Ed Snider just had to have. Unfortunately, he's playing worse than either of his predecessors and has a very clear hole in his game.

Philadelphia Flyers Re-sign Nicklas Grossmann, Solidify Defense

The Philadelphia Flyers signed the deadline acquisition to a four-year, $14 million contract extension, locking up the physical defensive stalwart for the foreseeable future.

Flyers Vs Penguins Fight: Late Game Message Sent, But Who Sent It?

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NHL Power Rankings Week 21: A Shuffle Atop the East

Even During a Scoring Drought, Matt Read Is a Great Story

Matt Read's February scoring drought was fit into an easy narrative about hitting the rookie wall. But as with everything Matt Read, the details make the story great.

Ilya Bryzgalov, Regression, and Why Easy Answers Aren't Good Enough

When faced with a complex problem, many people resort to simplified solutions that mask the real rationale. When Ilya Bryzgalov struggled in 2011, many were quick to blame mental and external factors, rather than examine on-ice actions and historical trends. They are now 2 months behind explaining his turnaround.

NHL Power Rankings Week 20: New York and Detroit Make Their Case

NHL Power Rankings Week 18: Coyotes Make a Move, Blues Still Atop NHL