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West Philadelphia (well, Lower Merion, to be exact), born and raised, in Jewish day school is where I spent most of my days. Graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, in May 2010, currently living in Washington, DC, and working for an e-commerce company in the area. I'm an avid sports fan who religiously follows the Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers (and I'm warming back up to the Sixers)… but hockey was my first love. I can also tell you where 9 out of every 10 NFL players went to college (no, really), but I can't tell you why it's that kind of useless information that sticks in my brain. It's weird, fascinating, and idiot savant-like.

2012 Philadelphia Eagles: Time to Create a New Ide

My 2012 Philadelphia Eagles Preview, as well as predictions for the rest of the NFL.

Philadelphia Phillies: Why Angel Pagan is a Better Signing than Michael Bourn

Michael Bourn's name has been bandied about for months as the Phillies' potential solution in center field for 2013 and beyond. But is there a better option?

The Philadelphia Eagles Should Sign Plaxico Burress

This has been kicked around numerous times before, and there remains no indication it'll happen. Still, I've come around on the idea. The Eagles should sign Plaxico Burress.

Andrew Bynum Trade: Buyer Beware, But Who Cares?

The Andrew Bynum trade was one the 76ers had to make, but the acquisition is not without plenty of risk. Then again, you don't get anywhere in life without taking risks.

2012 Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp Preview

The last of the veterans report to Lehigh today for the start of Eagles training camp. And with that, the 2012 season is officially underway. Here's my preview.

2012 Philadelphia Phillies: Blow It Up?

Times are tough for the Phillies. Is this season just a blip on the radar or indicative of an accelerating downward trajectory? I believe it's the latter, and this is my proposal to ensure a better future for our beloved baseball team.

A 2012 Philadelphia Flyers Offseason Plan

My personal mock 2012 offseason for the Philadelphia Flyers, complete with trades, the draft, and signings.

A Letter To Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman -

Time for a stroll down memory lane, as I take a look back at a letter I wrote to Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman in September 2010.

Eagles Offseason Review: They're Doing It Again

In honor of the rookie minicamp that took place over the weekend, I decided this would be a good time to review the Eagles' 2012 offseason -- one which will prove pivotal to the future of the Andy Reid era.

2012 NFL Draft Preview

My personal look at the 2012 NFL Draft.