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West Philadelphia (well, Lower Merion, to be exact), born and raised, in Jewish day school is where I spent most of my days. Graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, in May 2010, currently living in Washington, DC, and working for an e-commerce company in the area. I'm an avid sports fan who religiously follows the Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers (and I'm warming back up to the Sixers)… but hockey was my first love. I can also tell you where 9 out of every 10 NFL players went to college (no, really), but I can't tell you why it's that kind of useless information that sticks in my brain. It's weird, fascinating, and idiot savant-like.

Flyers Season Review/Eastern Conference Playoffs

A look back at the Philadelphia Flyers' 2011-2012 regular season and a look ahead to the playoffs.

2012 National League Preview And Predictions

My (slightly belated) 2012 National League Preview, with an expanded scouting report on the Phillies.

2012 March Madness Preview & Predictions

There's no better spectacle in sports than the first two rounds of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Here's my preview of the madness that is about to consume both the month of March and an entire country.

Flyers Trade Deadline: A Plea to Paul Holmgren

The NHL trade deadline is a little over 72 hours away, and the chaos has already begun. Flyers GM Paul Holmgren made two moves earlier in the week in an attempt to help shore up a leaky defense, but rumors abound (well, at least they were abounding) about whether the team might be interested in adding a more notable impact player.

Moving On: 2012 Philadelphia Eagles

There's always next year -- right, Eagles fans? Time to officially leave a dreadful, nightmarish 2011 season behind and look forward to what we can only hope is a better 2012. Here's an initial, way-too-in-depth look at the upcoming offseason.

Owning What You Write: Cam Newton, Current NFL Star

I wrote a not-so-nice article about Cam Newton and his pro prospects nearly a year ago. This is my mea culpa. Also, thoughts on the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs.

Catching Up with the 2011-2012 Philadelphia Flyers

Thirty games, numerous story lines, and loads of drama. Sounds like just another season in Flyer land.

2011 Philadelphia Eagles: The Dagger

Thank God that it's over. The Eagles were no match for Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots and got blown at home, essentially bringing to an end a disastrous 2011 season. It was ugly, it was final, and it was merciful.

2011 Philadelphia Eagles: Season Saved... Again

You had a feeling they'd do this. The Eagles, once again with their backs against the wall, showed serious resilience as they fought and clawed their way to a 17-10 victory over a divisional rival.

2011 Philadelphia Eagles: A New Low

After an atrocious and inexcusable loss to the woeful Cardinals, the mentally feeble Eagles sit at 3-6 and are virtually assured a seat on the couch for the playoffs. What's wrong with this team? Everything.