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Kevin Owens is a seven year veteran of overseas professional basketball. He currently writes for SLAM Online, Hugging Harold Reynolds and his own blog Waiting For Godunk, which details his career as a standby athlete.

Being a Philadelphia Fan is Exhausting

I have been exhausted over the past two months, and have developed very little patience for the nonsense we put up with as Philadelphia sports fans.

Dear Grandpa

Around Fathers Day I began writing a letter to my grandpa. He had passed away in 2003, and I still think about him every day. Paul "The Pope" Owens meant a great deal to many different people, including myself, his grandson.

2012 NBA Draft: Sixers Trade Up, Take Arnett Moultrie

2012 NBA Draft: Philadelphia 76ers select Maurice Harkless No. 15 Overall

2012 NBA Draft: Potential Sixers Busts or Studs

2012 NBA Draft: Anthony Davis selected No. 1 Overall

2012 NBA Draft: Live Blogging

The Philadelphia Slump

After such a depressing week of Philadelphia sports, the hopes and prayers of a city land squarely on the shoulders of the 10-9-8-76ers. But is that a good thing?

Paying College Athletes: A Solution to the Problems Facing the NCAA

After watching Kentucky's entire starting five enter the NBA Draft, college basketball needs to figure out a way to bring legitimacy to the NCAA.

NCAA Final Four 2012: Breaking Down the NCAA Championship

The battle between the "bluest of the blue bloods" takes place in New Orleans tonight. We break down the game, including the key match-up of the night.