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Kevin Owens is a seven year veteran of overseas professional basketball. He currently writes for SLAM Online, Hugging Harold Reynolds and his own blog Waiting For Godunk, which details his career as a standby athlete.

NCAA Tournament 2012: Dispelling the Kentucky/Washington Wizards Myth

This famous argument can easily be answered by a game played way back in 2003.

NCAA Tournament 2012: Round Three and Beyond

A comprehensive analysis of Round Two and my predictions for Round Three.

NCAA Tournament 2012: A Look Back at Round One

A recap of Round One of the 2012 NCAA Tournament, along with picks for Round Two, by a guy who so far has a 19-13 record.

NCAA Tournament 2012: A Comprehensive Analysis of the First Round

A Comprehensive Analysis of the First Round of the 2012 NCAA Tournament

An Inside Look at SportsRadio WIP’s Wing Bowl XX

See what goes on backstage at the biggest party in Philadelphia, SportsRadio WIP's Wing Bowl XX.

Do The Sixers Need A Superstar, And More

This week I took the time to answer some questions fielded at me by some very passionate Philadelphia 76ers fans.

Are the Philadelphia 76ers For Real?

The Philadelphia 76ers are off to an impressive 7-2 start, but is it a product of their schedule, or is this team for real?

Owen Schmitt: A Real Life Rocky

With his devastating blocks and hard-nosed attitude, Owen Schmitt embraces his role as the tough underdog.

A Sit Down With Philadelphia Coaching Legend Fran Dunphy

I recently sat down with this living legend, to discuss the outlook for the Owls this season, his unique recruiting style, and his trademark mustache, that briefly disappeared from his face earlier this year.

NBA Lockout, and Apparel Talk with Under Armour: "You Can't Come Soft, You Got to Come Correct."

I recently sat down with the young faces of Under Armour to discuss how they are handling the lockout.