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NBA scores: A look at the Atlantic Division

A look at the scores of games played by Atlantic Division teams thus far in the week.

Have the Phillies improved since last season?

With the Philadelphia Phillies coming off a disappointing 2012, the team only made a few additions to the roster this offseason. Are they any better than last season?

Who are potential candidates to replace Andy Reid? With one game remaining in the 2012 season, the assumed firing of Andy Reid is on the horizon. Who are some potential candidates the team will consider?

NHL awaiting NHLPA vote on disclaimer of interest Sports: The NHL is awaiting the NHLPA's next step in the process of filing a disclaimer of interest.

Nnamdi Asomugha wants to stay with the Eagles

With the Philadelphia Eagles' disappointing season winding to a close, discussions are starting to focus on next season and potential moves the team will make.

Should LeSean McCoy play again in 2012?

With Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid already declaring LeSean McCoy a starter in Week 16, Rueben Frank and Geoff Mosher debate whether McCoy should play in two meaningless games.

Ruben Amaro Jr. addresses Phillies aging stars

Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. stated that regardless of the additions the team made this offseason, the health of the stars currently on the team's roster is the most important dynamic of success in 2013.

Sixers hope to end slide against Rockets

The Philadelphia 76ers will challenge the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night.

How will fans respond to Andy Reid on Sunday?

With Sunday afternoon believed to be Andy Reid's final home game as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Geoff Mosher and Rueben Frank debate what kind of response he will get from the crowd. How do you think they will respond?

The ongoing impact of Garrett Reid

With the newest information that Garrett Reid had steroids in his dorm room at the time of his death, Phil Sheridan analyzes the impact of Reid's decisions on the Eagles franchise.