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Nick Young says Sixers are 'trying to build chemistry'

As the Sixers go through their preseason schedule, the team is trying to get to know each other.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia 76ers have 11 new players on the roster this season, and the preseason will be a vital time for the group to get to know each other before the games start counting. With just under two weeks until the team's regular season opener, that process needs to happen quickly.

The Sixers spoke with reporters about how they are adjusting to all the new faces on the squad, guard Nick Young seems to think it is going well, according to John Finger of

"We’re all getting along," Young said. "We’re all sharing the ball and going out together and hanging out together and trying to build that chemistry."

Philadelphia opens the season at home against the Denver Nuggets on Halloween night. The two teams were involved in the blockbuster trade that sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers. Jason Richardson and Andrew Bynum came to the 76ers in the deal, while long-time Sixer Andre Iguodala went to the Nuggets.

The Sixers made a surprise run to the Eastern Conference semifinals in 2012, and will look to improve with a new group this year.