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Donovan McNabb: Vick needs to play angry

CSN Philly: Donovan McNabb's advice for Michael Vick amongst talk that the Eagles' QB should be benched is that he should play "pissed off", as McNabb did when the Eagles pulled him when the team was struggling in 2008.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Donovan McNabb spoke to CSN Philly about the Philadelphia Eagles' QB situation, specifically the way Michael Vick should handle himself while many fans and media members criticize his play:

"Well, I played pissed off. I played pissed off because I felt like I was the Juan Castillo of the football team," McNabb said, referring to 2008 when he was benched during a Week 12 loss to the Ravens. "I felt like I had got blamed for a lot of the problems we were having. You hear rumblings of maybe you’ll see a little bit of Kevin Kolb, and rumblings of things of that nature, and all of a sudden it happens, and no one has an answer for you when you sit down and talk to them.

"So, I played pretty pissed off and if I could send a message to Mike: Play pissed off."

For the rest of the story by Jordan Hall, head over to CSN Philly.