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Lavoy Allen could start season opener if Andrew Bynum not ready

Second-year big man Lavoy Allen could be the 76ers' starting center when the regular season opens.


John Finger over at expects that Lavoy Allen will start the season as the center for the Philadelphia 76ers if Andrew Bynum is not ready. The former Laker is out with a bruised knee.

Finger does a great job analyzing various position battles and tinkering that coach Doug Collins is considering. Here's what he says on Bynum:

Collins says he's approaching the season opener on Oct. 31 as if Bynum will not be ready. By all accounts, the Sixers are expecting the big man to be ready for the opener and that his rehab is right on schedule. However, Collins has a contingency plan in place.

If Bynum can't go in the opener, expect Lavoy Allen to get the starting nod at center. Meanwhile, it appears as if Thad Young will be the starting power forward with or without Bynum in the lineup.

Check out the rest of the article here.