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Why Andy Reid should stick with Michael Vick at QB makes the case for Michael Vick in part five of a series on how the 3-3 Philadelphia Eagles can improve coming out of their bye week.


The Philadelphia Eagles have a .500 record coming into their current bye week and have a number of adjustments to make, but doesn't believe one of those will be the man under center.

Andy Reid isn't benching Michael Vick. At least not now.

There's a large portion of the fan base that doesn't want to hear this. They want Vick to take a seat. They want Nick Foles in. They want some form of accountability for the fact that the $100-million quarterback has accounted for 13 turnovers all by himself.

And they should get it. But not yet.

As the final installment of a five part series, Eagles Insider Geoff Mosher looks at why Michael Vick is still the right quarterback option for the 3-3 Eagles.

Read the full story here: "Fixing the Eagles, Part V: Stick with Vick ... for now."