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Temple learning from roller coaster season

The Temple Owls have had their ups and downs this season. CSN Philly's Nick Menta examines how head coach Steve Addazio hopes to build on the positives of their roller coaster season.

Rob Carr

The Temple Owls have had an up-and-down season so far this year. They sit at 3-3 overall with a 2-1 record in their first season back in the Big East. They've had some good moments and their share of disappointments. Nick Menta at CSN Philly examined the ups and downs of Temple's season and how coach Steve Addazio is handling the roller coaster season:

With his hand, and sometimes entire arm, Addazio will make a motion that resembles a roller coaster. It's a visual reminder to his relatively inexperienced football team, and the public at large, that there will be peaks and valleys. Those respective blips on the radar relate to both the 2012 season and the continued development of Temple football over the long-term.

Constant growth, the coach reminds, is unsustainable. But as long as the roller coaster - or in this case, his arm - keeps trending up, then, in spite of the inevitable setbacks, so too will the football program.

The rest of Nick Menta's story is available at CSN Philly.