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CSN Philly: Five things we'll see from Todd Bowles' defense

Reuben Frank of CSN Philly examines five things that will change under Todd Bowles, including an emphasis on blitzing and better matching of personnel to various scenarios.


We know the Todd Bowles defense will look different than the Juan Castillo defense. We know a lot will change, a lot will evolve, a lot will be tossed out for good into the giant dumpster behind the NovaCare Complex. We know there’ll be changes, alterations, possibly everything short of a complete overhaul.

Since he replaced Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator last Tuesday, Bowles has been vague about specifically what will change once the Eagles return to action, but it’s clear that it all revolves around becoming less predictable and more sophisticated.

For the rest of Frank's column, head over to CSN Philly.