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Jrue Holiday hopes for contract extension, more focused on winning

Jrue Holiday averaged 15.8 points, 5.2 assists and 4.7 rebounds per game during last season's playoffs.

Bruce Bennett

Philadelphia 76ers point guard Jrue Holiday would like a contract extension, and he is happy that negotiations are underway. But the former first-round pick has set his sights on improving, and making his team better.

Dei Lynam at breaks down just how deserving Holiday is of a new contract. Comparing Holiday to other top-notch point guards, Lynam concludes, "The desired $13 million from the Holiday camp appears too high, but the reported $9 million offered by the team seems too low if one is comparison shopping."

Lynam provides testimonials from coach Doug Collins and teammates to show just how vital Holiday is to the team. Said teammate Jason Richardson,

"He's so smooth with the ball. He plays defense. His basketball IQ is amazing. I give him three, four years, maybe not even that, he will be a top-five point guard in this league."

Richardson has played with All-Stars like Steve Nash and Baron Davis, so that's pretty high praise.

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