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Eagles' response to losing will be the key going forward

The Eagles dropped to 3-6 after losing to the Dallas Cowboys, but their response will be telling.


The Philadelphia Eagles 2012 season has not gone like anyone expected, but having lost five straight games, the Eagles response going forward will be telling.

John Gonzalez of CSN said the way the Eagles' players react to the struggles is hard to predict and could have a major impact on the organization going forward. As Gonzalez said, winning is easy. It's not hard for players to play hard and get along when they are winning. Losing changes everything and it's nearly impossible to predict how players will react when things go bad.

The players aren't the only ones to watch as losing is also hard on the coaching staff. As the losses build up, so does the criticism of Andy Reid. How will the Eagles head coach react as his job security comes into question? Gonzalez said Reid continues to say he "loves" his job, but that may not last if the season continues to slip away.

Specifically, he was asked about his passion and intensity and energy, about whether this season has sapped him of some of that enthusiasm.

There would be no shame in that. Not surprisingly, Reid didn't entertain the notion.

"I love what I do," Reid said.

Will he still love it next week? Or next month? And will his players and coaches feel the same way? This is when we find out who the Eagles really are - all of them.