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76ers aren't missing Andrew Bynum

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Philadelphia hasn't had its new big man, so how can the Sixers miss him?

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia 76ers are missing their big offseason acquisition, but they're not really missing him.'s Bob Ford writes the 76ers are going along with their business without a guy who hasn't even suited up for the team yet:

Linguistically, it might not be possible for a player to "come back" before he arrives, but Bynum is attempting that difficult leap of tenses. In fact, all leaps are difficult for Bynum, whose bad knees have prevented him from playing, practicing, and, for another two weeks, even stepping on a zero-gravity treadmill.

The 76ers hope to get Bynum back in January, Ford wrote, but "the Sixers organization acknowledges that everything is a guess."

Bynum was acquired in August from the Los Angeles Lakers. The four-team trade starred disgruntled center Dwight Howard going to L.A., Bynum landing in Philly, and Andre Iguodala moving west to Denver.

Without the 25-year-old center, the 76ers are 4-3 this season. Philadelphia lost on Monday to the Milwaukee Bucks, snapping a three-game winning streak.

Bynum had his best season as a pro with the Lakers last year. He averaged 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game. He averaged 35 minutes per game, which was a career high for the 7-footer.