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Shady's 7: LeSean McCoy answers fan questions

LeSean McCoy sits down with CSNPhilly's John Boruk to discuss rookie quarterback Nick Foles, his old high school, and more.


In another edition of Shady's 7, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean "Shady" McCoy took on some fan questions with CSNPhilly's John Boruk.

In perhaps the most telling moment of the interview, Jason Grove asked, "Why haven't you been able to get the runs this year that you had last year?" McCoy looked irked, and did not come up with a response.

One can assume that Shady does not want to address his struggling offensive line. In addition to providing poor run blocking, the Eagles' pass protection has been less than stellar. Quarterback Michael Vick has been sacked 27 times, and Nick Foles was sacked twice in relief. At 29 sacks allowed, the Eagles are tied for second-worst in the NFL, trailing only the Arizona Cardinals.

But is McCoy really much worse off than last season? At this point last year, he had compiled four 100-yard games. This year he has three. The biggest difference is his yards per carry average, which has dropped from 4.8 (in 2011) to 4.4 this year.

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