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Nnamdi Asomugha: 'I haven’t been Superman on the field'

Philadelphia Eagles' cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha recently opened up about his team's struggles.

Rob Carr

Nnamdi Asomugha is nearing the completion of his second season in Philadelphia, and he admits that things have not gone as planned. Reuben Frank at breaks down Asomugha's difficult time with the Eagles. Frank does a great job mixing his own opinions with Asomugha's about how the Eagles have fallen short of expectations.

When Asomugha arrived, he had been to the Pro Bowl three times, and the Philadelphia defense was already quite formidable. But this season, the passing defense has regressed. The Eagles have managed just seven interceptions, and allowed 18 passing touchdowns in their first 10 games.

On the one hand, Asomugha is clearly disappointed with how things have gone so far:

"When I came in, everybody was on the same page that we were going to get it done first year. Then we saw that we had to gel, and we started to gel it looked like at the beginning of the season and things were on a roll, and then we started losing and that momentum went the other way for us, so it just hasn't gone well."

Still, he believes things will turn around for the Eagles, and the former Pro Bowler plans on being with the team when that happens.

Frank's piece contains some great quotes from Asomugha and some excellent insight from Frank. Click here to read the whole article.