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Reid should be allowed to finish season

From John Gonzalez of CSN Philly: Andy Reid should be allowed to finish out this season as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rich Schultz

Reid has been with the organization for 14 years. It's impossible to imagine that Lurie would ignore the man's loyalty and service and then humiliate Reid with a public, messy midseason dismissal. No, if you've paid attention, you know that's not the owner's style. Nor should it be.

Whatever you think of Reid, he's earned the right to see this thing through. That's no great prize, by the way. The offense can't score, the defense can't stop anyone and the respective lines have been beyond terrible. The calculations required to solve this equation are so complex that John Nash couldn't pull it off with a grease pencil and room full of windows.

For the rest of John Gonzalez's story, head to CSN Philly.