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Vick, Eagles could knock rival Giants out of playoffs Sunday

As Michael Vick gets the start for the Eagles, the Giants are hanging by a thread to playoff hopes.


The New York Giants need a win and lots of help from other teams to make the playoffs on Sunday, but Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles will try to simply eliminate them outright.

In his scouting report, Ray Didinger of said on Friday that Vick could be the key:

"Vick could be totally out of sync and have one of those games where he turns the ball over and makes it easy for the Giants. Or he could come out super-motivated with one more chance to showcase his talent for the rest of the NFL. The way things are going for the Giants, Coughlin probably envisions the latter scenario; that is, Vick going wild and putting on a show that will have teams lining up to sign him if, as expected, the Eagles let him walk after the season."

Didinger also adds that this could be the last time the Giants, as presently assembled, have a shot at the postseason together:

"This could be the last stand for a number of Giants. Umenyiora is already talking like he is gone. His contract has an easily voidable 2013 season and he appears ready to move on. Webster, Bradshaw and tackle David Diehl are other veterans with big contracts and declining production, so this game could be an emotional one for a number of players who won Super Bowl rings in New York.

The Eagles have dominated the Giants in recent years, winning eight of the last nine games in the series. They have won five in a row in the Meadowlands against the Giants. Manning is 7-10 against the Eagles in the regular season and 0-2 in the postseason."