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Thad Young developing into a defensive presence With the departure of Andre Iguodala and the injury to Andrew Bynum, CSN Philly's John Finger believes that Thad Young has found a niche for himself as a defensive stalwart this season.


Andrew Bynum was going to make up for Iguodala's absence on defense. With Bynum patrolling the paint, the perimeter defenders could take more chances because the big man had their back. But since Bynum has yet to practice with the Sixers, that idea has gone for naught.

In has stepped Thaddeus Young, the Sixers' all-around forward, who has taken on all comers. From scorers like Anthony and Kevin Durant, to bangers like Joakim Noah and Kris Humphries, Young has handled them all. In doing so, Young is quietly making a name for himself around the NBA.

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