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76ers might have grabbed a 'W' Monday, but they also took a loss Sports: Do you still consider it a win if the 76ers lost Thad Young in the process Monday? John Finger breaks down the good win and the bad loss.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There's an old adage that applies to the Sixers' 78-61 victory over the banged-up and lowly Orlando Magic on Monday night at the Wells Fargo Center.

To that, the Sixers may have won the battle but could lose the war.

That certainly seems to be the case after the Sixers won their third straight game for the first time in more than two months, but lost Thad Young to a hamstring injury (see Instant Replay). Sure, the Sixers held the Magic (14-34) to a record-low scoring game by an opponent at the Wells Fargo Center, but the price was steep.

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