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Joe Paterno, Penn State Will Soon Part Ways Amid Jerry Sandusky Investigation, According To Report

Penn State head coach Joe Paterno will not last long at the university after the scandal involving former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, according to a New York Times report.

Though the timing of Paterno's departure has not yet been decided, the report cites "two people briefed on conversations among the university's top officials" who say Paterno's Penn State tenure will soon end. Penn State has already determined that Paterno will not last another season, according to the report, and preliminary discussions on how to handle his exit have already occurred.

The 84-year old Paterno has been the Penn State head coach for 46 seasons, becoming the Divison I leader in career wins(409) in Penn State's most recent game, passing Eddie Robinson of Grambling State University. 

But the Penn State football program has become mired in scandal, based on an incident in 2002 when former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky allegedly sexually assaulted a young boy in the team's locker room showers.

A graduate assistant viewed the crimes and told Paterno the story. Paterno relayed the information to university administrators, but did not bring the allegations to police.

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