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Penn State Scandal: Students Planning Support Rally At Joe Paterno's House

Though many in the national media have begun calling for Penn State football coach Joe Paterno to resign, a group of students is planning a support rally at his house later tonight, as per a report from Ben Jones of Black Shoe Diaries.

Paterno has come under fire for his lack of action regarding allegations that former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky had repeatedly committed sex crimes against children, some of which occurred in Penn State football facilities. Most notably, people are upset about an incident in 2002 in which graduate assistant Mike McQueary visited Paterno at his house to tell him he had witnessed Sandusky sexually abusing a young boy in the showers inside a Penn State football building. The Paterno told his superiors, people are upset he did not follow up on the report, attempt to find the boy in question or contact the police. Further, Sandusky was allowed around the program up until his Saturday arraignment and was seen using the team's weight room as recently as last week.

Both a Penn State and national icon, the 84-year-old Paterno has been the head football coach at Penn State since 1966.

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