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Jerry Sandusky Investigation: Joe Paterno Holds Impromptu Press Conference At His Home As Crowd Gathers To Show Support

Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno held an impromptu press conference through the window of his home Tuesday night after students and others in the Penn State community held a support rally for him at his home. Our Ben Jones from Black Shoe Diaries is on the scene and Tweeted this photo of Paterno tearfully telling those gathered that "No matter what happens to some people Im proud of you."

The support rally comes as a response to numerous calls for Paterno to resign in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, during which some feel Paterno did not do enough to prevent his former defensive coordinator from committing further crimes against young boys Sandusky came into contact with through his Second Mile foundation. Paterno did not hold his scheduled Tuesday press conference due to a decree from university president Graham Spanier. The winningest coach in the history of Division I NCAA football, Paterno has been the head coach at Penn State since 1966.

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